New to BHE?

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to Bunker Hill Elementary! The Bunker Hill PTA Newcomers Committee is here to make your transition to BHE as smooth as possible. We hope to do this by keeping you informed and by making ourselves available to answer your questions about the school and community during the year.

Because we know how overwhelming the first year can be—many of us from first-hand experience—the Newcomers Committee has put together this resource guide to help you learn all there is to know about BHE.  Please feel free to contact any member of the Newcomers Committee.  We are here to help you!

Again, welcome to the BHE family.  We wish you and your family all the best on your new and exciting journey.


The BHE Newcomers Committee

Vicky Bhakta (Aiden – 4th and Liam -1st)

Jodie Corson (Andrew – 6th and Matthew – 2nd)

Dedi Hanagan (Kinslee – 8th, Breleigh – 4th, and Hudson – 2nd)

Karrie Yager (Raegan – 2nd and Nicholas – K)

Feel free to reach us at with any questions and let us know how we can help you!


Newcomers’ Checklist – **Summer** Enrollment

  • Sign up for the BHE PTA eBlast:
    • Go to the PTA website,, to subscribe.
    • This is a weekly email that will let you know about everything going on at BHE!

  • Obtain your child’s student ID # and family access information from the front office. Use this information to:
    • Sign up for a cafeteria account online*
    • Sign up for Family Access online*
  • Complete SBISD online volunteer registration form
    • In order to volunteer for a PTA committee, chaperone a field trip, or help in the school library, cafeteria or in your child’s class it is required that you complete this online form each year.

  • Buy school supplies online, deadline July 24th *
    • If you missed the deadline contact to see if any extra packages are available and/or obtain a school supply list from the office.
  • Fill out the BIG FORM online*
    • This is only available the first two weeks of school and it will allow you to order the MANDATORY field trip t-shirt, a school wide directory, join the PTA, etc. in one quick step.

  • All BHE families will receive a PTA-produced Student Directory free of charge. To be included in the Student Directory, please go to the following web address and enter your family’s contact information. PLEASE TYPE THE WEB ADDRESS CAREFULLY INTO YOUR WEB BROWSER. The code is BUNKERHILL.”

  • Attend PTA meetings, typically the first Friday of the month at 9:30 at the school

Newcomers’ Checklist – **School Year** Enrollment

  • Sign up for the BHE PTA eBlast:
    • Go to the PTA website,, to subscribe.
    • This is a weekly email that will let you know about everything going on at BHE!
  • Obtain your child’s student ID # and family access information from the front office. Use this information to:
    • Sign up for a cafeteria account online*
    • Sign up for Family Access online*
  • Obtain the appropriate sign for dismissal for your child—either “walker” or “carpool.” Any parents of Kindergartners riding the bus will also need a blue sign in order to retrieve their child from the bus in the afternoon. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Complete SBISD online volunteer registration form
    • In order to volunteer for a PTA committee, chaperone a field trip, or help in the school library, cafeteria or in your child’s class it is required that you complete this online form each year.

  • Obtain school supplies
    • Contact to see if any extra packages are available.

    • Obtain a school supply list from the office.
  • Buy BHE gear online.* If the online store does not have the MANDATORY field trip t-shirt contact to order.

  • Ask the front office staff if there are any extra copies of the school directory.
  • Register for the PTA* and attend PTA meetings, typically the first Friday of the month at 9:30 at the school

*Links to complete these items may be found at


Useful Websites

The BHE PTA website, is updated regularly by the PTA.  This is your best access to all things BHE, including volunteer opportunities, calendar of events, online absence excuse forms, online BHE Spirit store, opportunities to donate and the latest news surrounding BHE. You can sign up to receive weekly email blasts; but don’t assume that all new information is emailed. There are times when new information is posted and not included in the weekly emails.

You may also report an absence via this website.

The BHE SBISD website, is the official District website with general school information, district policies, dress codes, etc.

There is also a neighborhood mothers’ association called Memorial Moms. It is a wonderful resource for those new to the area for anything from repairman to babysitters, as well as girls’ nights and book clubs. The membership chair changes from year to year, so ask a committee member how to join.

School Supplies

Each year, the PTA offers parents the option to purchase pre-packaged school supplies for each grade level. This is not required, but it is a convenient and cost-effective way to buy supplies. All supplies purchased through the PTA will be delivered to your child’s classroom at the beginning of the school year. You may buy these online in the spring for the following school year via

If you arrive at BHE at the beginning of the school year or in the middle of the year school supplies can be purchased at Meet the Teacher or in the office (while supplies last). If you would like to buy your own supplies, a grade-specific list of school supplies can be found at the You can also get a list from the front office.

Spirit Gear

The PTA has a variety of BHE-themed articles to help show your pride in the BHE Lions. Spirit shirts can be ordered online at   Other items such as hair bows, car decals, etc. will be available for purchase in the Fall at back to school events and on-line.

*Note that all students are required to have a BHE T-shirt to wear on Field Trips.  You can buy these at the Meet-The-Teacher day or on the first day of school from the Spirit Committee.

School Directories

School directories are published each year and distributed to families free of charge. While we try to get them out as soon as possible, it may be October before you receive one.  For this reason, we urge you to ask the front office staff for last year’s directory so that you can look up and contact new friends you or your children make. If you arrive in the middle of the year, ask the front office for a current copy of the directory.

School Lunch

If you plan for your child to purchase lunch from the cafeteria, either exclusively or from time to time, you can either send in cash or set up an online meal account.  To pay in cash, simply send the money with your child each time he/she buys.  Send the envelope with money labeled with your child’s name, ID # (you obtain from the office) and teacher.

To pay online, set up a meal account by going to Useful Links at or by going to, click “For Parents” and select “Online Meal Payments.”

Parents are welcome to come join their child(ren) for lunch. Please know you will need your ID to sign in/out at the front desk.  Tables at the back are reserved for parents eating with their children.  Your child cannot ask a friend to join you.  You can also choose to eat at one of the many picnic tables outside on campus found along the 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade hallways.

Family Access

Family Access is a password-protected site that provides both parents and students access to course grades, homework, attendance, and other data. To set up your account, you will need to first obtain your password from the BHE office.  Then go to the Useful links section at and click on “Family Access” to set up your account.  Your password works for all students in your family attending an SBISD school.

Volunteer Opportunities

Anyone who wants to volunteer at BHE in any capacity, including chaperoning a field trip, must be registered through the Spring Branch Independent School District and undergo a background check.  All volunteers must re-register from year to year. To start the process, visit our useful links tab at and click on “District Volunteer Registration”. You will need to fill out a quick form that requires your driver’s license number. Once you have registered with SBISD and receive clearance, you can participate in school volunteer activities. Typically it takes two to three weeks to be approved so do this as soon as possible.

Please consider creating an account with the website Signup Genius, as all PTA volunteer activities will have sign-ups through this website. To create an account visit, click on “My Account” and complete the form. This site will e-mail you reminders for volunteer activities, date and time you have chosen.

After School Programs and Activities

Several after school activities take place at BHE. These include Fiddling Lions, Spanish, Chinese, Jogging Club to name a few – more can be found on the website under Community Flyers and After School Enrichment and by exploring the website.

In the community, Spring Branch Memorial Sports Association (SBMSA) is popular for sports for girls and boys (  It is more intense time-wise and more competitive than the local church leagues, which also offer sports for girls and boys throughout the year.

Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts of America both have troops /dens organized by grade here at BHE as well as through area churches.

We can help you find local dance studios, karate, music lessons, etc.

A number of facilities in the area provide after-school care for those parents needing more options. “iKids” is on-site at BHE and others like Memorial Drive Methodist Church and Crème de la Crème have transportation from BHE to their facilities.

BHE PTA, Events & Fundraising

The PTA at BHE is an excellent resource for newcomers.  We are fortunate to have a solid base of parent volunteers and we are always looking for help! PTA committee information can be found on the website under the PTA Info tab.

You are encouraged to attend the monthly PTA meetings, held the first Friday of each month at 9:30 am in the Community Center room at BHE. You will get the most current updates of what’s going on around campus and hear from the Principal about administrative decisions and happenings.

The PTA holds fundraisers for BHE throughout the year.  In the fall, parents may donate money to the “Underwriting Campaign,” which funds the BHE PTA budget.

The BHE Book Fair is held in the Fall and in the Spring a smaller Book Fair takes place.  The money raised from selling books benefits the BHE library.

The school’s largest fundraiser, the BHE Auction, is held in February.   It includes a seated dinner, live and silent auctions. Typically guests sit together in tables of 10. You can get a group of friends together or the Auction Committee will place you with other parents in your child’s grade. You will receive an invitation to the auction in February. If you have more questions about the Auction, we’d be happy to answer them.

Spring Fling takes place in April.  It’s a Saturday carnival type event with games and food.  There are many opportunities for volunteering at this event.

Throughout the year the PTA may hold book drives, food drives and coat drives for another SBISD elementary school in need of these items.  BoxTops for Education are also collected and monies earned go to our “sister” school in SBISD, Thornwood Elementary.

Teacher Assignments

Depending on when you register your child, you may/may not receive a postcard in August with your child’s teacher assignment. If you do not receive this postcard, don’t panic! Just go to the office a bit early on the “Meet the Teacher Day” and get your assignment from the office.


Bus information may be found by going to the useful links tab at, clicking on SBISD Bus Routes.  You can type in your address and your bus information will pop up including the bus number, morning pick up time and afternoon drop off time.

Students who ride the bus to school are dropped off in the bus lane in the front of the school off Taylorcrest.  The carpool line is on the north side of the school off of Kimberley Lane. Walkers may enter though any school entrance. Please note that for safety reasons, if you arrive later than 8:05 am, you must enter through the front office. All gates and other entrances are locked from 8:05am until 3:00 pm.

Children who do not ride the bus can arrive in their classrooms by 7:50am. The earliest a student may be dropped off is 7:30 unless they are attending morning tutoring. If they arrive to school prior to 7:45am, grade K–2 should be taken to the cafeteria; grades 3–5 should be taken to the school gym.  Bus students also go to these respective locations as they arrive. Students are dismissed to their classrooms at 7:50 am.

BHE TV, a fifth grade production that is broadcast each morning to all classrooms, begins at 7:55 am. If students arrive after 8:00am, they will need to go to the front office and sign in to receive a tardy slip.

Attendance is officially taken at 9:15 am. If your child is at school at 9:15 am, he/she is counted present; if not he/she is counted absent.


All students are dismissed at 3:00 pm. If you are picking up your child in the carpool line, which forms in the BHE driveway at the back of the school off of Kimberly Lane, you should plan on arriving between 2:45 pm and 3:00 pm. Carpool signs with your child’s name, teacher and grade will be given to you and must be displayed.

Walkers are dismissed at 3:00pm from their classrooms. Only Kinder and first grades are required to be dismissed to an adult, who must have the school-issued sign with the student’s name.  These children are dismissed at the entrance to the Kindergarten/ first grade hallway by the playground. Parents of children in older grades who walk are welcome to meet their students on the playground as well. However, please be aware that gates at the playground do not open until 3pm.

Teachers escort bus students to the proper bus.

Dismissal Reminders

For the safety of your child and to help teachers with safe dismissal procedures, please remember the following:

1) To change the way your child goes home you must either:

*send a note to school with your child to give to the teacher OR

*call the front office BEFORE 1:00

Changes made via email to the teacher or after 1:00 may not be honored except in emergency situations.

**emails to teachers are not acceptable notices**

2) Students may not be removed from the bus line by a parent at dismissal. Once they are in line to board a bus, they will ride the bus home. Parents may check out their child prior to dismissal through the front office if done before 2:45.

3) Students accompanied by a parent may stay and play on the playground. Those without a parent present will be sent home immediately after dismissal and not allowed to play unsupervised.

Thank you for helping all of the staff who are on duty ensure the safe arrival of your child at home by following these procedures.