Choir Club

Fourth and Fifth Grade Students and Parents,

I am very excited to have the opportunity to offer a choir club enrichment in choral music at BHE for fourth and fifth grade students. We have some fun events planned for this school year that will provide our choir members experience with leadership, choral singing, community outreach, and teamwork. I will be accepting applications from Sept. 4 through Sept. 10th. If you would like to sign your child up for choir club, you can email me or have your child sign up at school in the music room.

The following information gives you the dress, expectations, and tentative rehearsal schedule for choir. Communication is mostly through the Remind app, so members should sign up for Choir2018 notifications by visiting hhtps:// I am looking forward to working with your singer and having a rewarding year filled with music!

Mrs. Kolde, BHE Choir Director


9/4-9/10 Sign up for choir
9/11 Rehearsal 3-4pm *religious celebrations are an excused absence
9/ 18 Rehearsal 3-4pm music room *
9/25 Rehearsal 3-4pm music room
10/2 Rehearsal 3-4pm music room
10/9 Rehearsal 3-4pm music room
10/16 Rehearsal
10/23 Rehearsal
10/30 Rehearsal
11/6 Dress Rehearsal 3-4pm
11/8 Veterans Day Program 9-10am
11/13 Rehearsal
11/27 Rehearsal
12/4 Rehearsal
12/11 Field Trip to senior center for caroling during the day Rehearsal
12/18 Rehearsal
12/? Memorial Village Holiday Parade (ride and sing on float)
12/21 Holiday Sing a Long @ BHE


1/15 Rehearsal
1/22 Rehearsal
1/29 Rehearsal
2/5 Rehearsal
2/12 Rehearsal
2/19 Rehearsal
2/26 Rehearsal
3/5 Rehearsal
Spring Break
3/19 Rehearsal
3/26 Rehearsal
4/2 Rehearsal
4/9 Rehearsal
4/16 Rehearsal
4/23 Rehearsal
4/23 or 4/24 Spring Branch Choir Festival – Field Trip during the day TBA
4/30 Rehearsal
5/2 BHE Choir Concert 6:00pm – Reception to follow

Member Expectations

Appropriate conduct is expected of BHE members during all chorus-related and school activities. Singers unable to abide by the student rules and conduct expectations will be dismissed from the choir. The following are choir-specific expectations.
1. Be in your place on time and be prepared.
• Bring a sharpened pencil (or borrow one from Mrs. Kolde before rehearsal)
• Take care of your restroom and water needs before rehearsal.
• Do your choir “homework”

2. Talk with permission or at designated times only.
• Raise your hand and wait for permission to speak to share or ask a question.
• We do not talk while the director is speaking or when anyone is singing.

3. Always be respectful of the director, other choir members, the music, volunteers and guests.
• Take care of your music. Refrain from doodling on music or tearing music and binder.
• Be kind if someone makes a mistake.

4. Follow directions
• Listen when you are supposed to listen.
• Sing when you are supposed to sing.
• Participate 100%

5. Represent our school and community by always giving your best.
• Prompt
• Poised
• Polite

Concert Uniform

• Black skirt or pants with spirit t-shirt
• Black socks
• Black Shoes – ballet slipper type
• Hair neatly brushed, out of the face (including bangs)
• No makeup or jewelry

• Black Pants
• Spirit t-shirt
• Black shoes
• Black socks
• No jewelry
• Hair neatly combed and out of the face


Performance attendance is different from rehearsal attendance.  All performances on the BHE Choir calendar are considered mandatory. If you have a conflict with a performance, please email Mrs. Kolde immediately.  There is room for compromise, but your child must be present at rehearsals and performances to fully participate.

Rehearsal Times

Regular Rehearsals
Choir rehearsals will be Tuesday afternoons when school is in session from 3:00-4:00 p.m. in the Music Room. Pick up will be at the carpool location.

Singers must attend ALL rehearsals in order to fully learn the music being taught. However, I understand that unavoidable circumstances do arise. There are two types of absences: Regular and Music/Extracurricular. If your child is going to be absent for any reason, please notify Mrs. Kolde by email at

Regular Absences
A singer may be absent 4 times per year for illness, too much homework, nausea, doctor’s appointment, vacation, “forgot”, etc. These are called “regular” absences.
These “regular” absences are tracked as follows:
One (1) absence for missing rehearsal

Expectations of your choir director
1. Supervision – Students will be properly supervised during all rehearsals and performances.
2. Communication
• Every effort will be made to be efficient with email communication. Important information may be sent home occasionally. Most communication will be through the Remind app.
• Any schedule changes or additional performances will be communicated in a timely manner
3. Instruction
• I am committed to providing your child with a quality musical education within a supportive and challenging choral environment.
• Each child will be treated with fairness and understanding while be encouraged to take personal responsibility.

Expectations of choir parents
1. Transportation – Parents are responsible for transporting their children to and from any extra performances off campus in the evenings.
2. Arrival and Dismissal
• Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children are picked up on time from all rehearsals and performances when designated. Rehearsal pick up is at the carpool location.
3. Communication
• Parents are expected to read email communications from the choir director and watch for information sent home with students.
4. Participation – Parents are encouraged to volunteer and offer their expertise to support the choir as needed.