March Thank Yous

To the groovy, creative and fabulous Auction Team, Jordan Folloder, Lauren Harris, Lauren Hufford, Olivia Porter, and Keleigh Spinner, for planning and executing our amazing StudioBHE auction. To all the committee chairs and to the many volunteers that worked tirelessly to help make every aspect of the auction a success and to the parents, teachers and staff that attended the event and generously supported BHE!!!

To Deanne Kolde, Coach Lassiter and Coach Laurel for a fabulous 2nd grade program and a fun day of square dancing for Kinder/1st grade.

To Arielle Lawson and Lauren Taylor for coordinating the program and ensuring the show ran smoothly;

To Karen Teegarden for keeping us informed with all the wonderful opportunities through SBEF and working non-stop to fill positions for next year;

To Tammie Handy for representing Bunker Hill as our School Bell Nominee;

To the Teacher Appreciation Committee who work tirelessly to supply our teachers and staff with delicious lunch and treats throughout the year;

And, to the Nominating Committee, Heather Bonner, Jenny Dillard, Katie Hazeldine, Shanna Hetherwick and Shannon Strickler, for assembling a fantastic slate of PTA officers for the 2020-21 school year!

Emily Paulson, PTA President