February Thank Yous

To Beth Gentner, our Recording Secretary,who pays attention at all times at each and every PTA executive board and general meeting, keeping accurate notes and minutes;

To Jennifer Manfredi, the Office and Copy Volunteer Coordinator, who spends much of her own time in the office helping the staff and to all the office and copy volunteers who help BHE run so smoothly;

To our Yearbook Editors, Laura Grau and Sara Moore for their countless hours of hard work compiling photos and producing our yearbook. To Izzy Fort for marketing and organizing the yearbook orders. We can’t wait to see the finished product;

To Lindsey Martin, Library Volunteer Coordinator, and the amazing group of parents that Volunteer in the library each month;

To the hard-working and fabulous Auction Team – Shanna Hetherwick, Ashley Marr, Linda Perniciaro, Kendra Thiessen, and Linda Wolfe, who are working non-stop to put the finishing touches on the upcoming AS SEEN ON TV Auction;

To all the Auction Committee Chairs – Beautification-Lauren Cole, Izzy Fort, Britain Garner & Maria Lafee, Brochure-Jordon Folloder& Linda Perniciaro, Brochure Photos-Cathy Schuetze, Check-In-Katie Hazeldine, Kayley Isgur, Amy Kuykendall, Angie McBeth, Jennifer Sander & Anne Sellis, Decorations-Brigid Beck, EMCEE-Bill Gentner, Family Donations-Shannon Strickler, Leave a Legacy-Melanie Beck & Rebecca Howard, Flocking-Jennifer Sander, Grab Bags-Taylor Darsey & Audrey Saxe, Grade Level Donations-Lauren Hufford & Shannon Strickler, Kids Creations-Lauren Hufford & Karen Teegarden, Parties-Kayley Isgur, Photo Gallery-Blair Canfield & Callie Ezell, Program Seating-Dedi Hanagan, Retail Appreciation-Angela England, Retail Pick-Up-Lauren Harris and to all the many committee members who have all been (or will be) dedicating their time to make this the best auction yet!  A huge that you to Ms. Rimboch who has gone above and beyond to help with Kids Creations;

To Ms. Farber for helping to spread friendship and love around the halls of BHE this February!  To all the Teachers, Administrators and Staff at Bunker Hill for your tireless efforts to educate and prioritize our children’s needs!


Kelly Wolf

PTA President