January Thank You’s

To the amazing yearbook photographers and editors Laura Grau and Sara Moore who have donated countless hours at each and every BHE event taking photos and even more time at home editing them;

To Amy Kuykendall, Amy Norris and Anne Sellis for coordinating the 4thgrade program and to the parents who helped make that production run smoothly;

To the parents who covered the classrooms for the December holiday luncheon and to the Teacher Appreciation committee memberswho organized a fabulous lunch with special treats for the BHE teachers and staff;

To Melanie Beck and Lizy Santiago for ordering and organizing hundreds of pizzas for the classroom holiday parties;

To the Fall Room Parents for organizing the fun and festive classroom holiday parties under the guidance of Amy Arriaga and Taunya Rother;

To the students and parents who generously supported Toys for Tots and the Thornwood Angel Tree;

To Angie McBeth and Jennifer Sander for organizing holiday parties for each Thornwood class, for treating the Thornwood teachers to a very special holiday treat, for coordinating the Angel Tree project for 4 Thornwood families, and for providing donations for the Thornwood 5th grade student auction;

And to ALL the gracious BHE parents that go above and beyond every day to make our school such a wonderful place!

I am looking forward to a wonderful 2019 full of learning and fun,

Kelly Wolf

PTA President