A Big Thank You

With the holiday season upon us I can’t help but think about how thankful I am for all the wonderful BHE volunteers!

To Linda Donovan for a great Red Ribbon Week, a fun and meaningful week for our students, complete with inspiring decorations;

To our amazing As Seen on TV auction committee for their fabulous and successful Holiday Sale; to Fred Keinz for donating his time and talent to photograph Bunker Hill families for the auction brochure; to Cathy Schuetze for coordinating the photo sessions and to the Paulson Family for the use of their lovely yard; to Blair Canfield and Callie Ezell and all the Photo Gallery volunteers who have been taking precious pictures of our children; and to the retail donations committee who continue to collect wonderful items;

To the International Day Committee Chairs:Veronica Barnhill, Sarah Bunk, Lauren Cole, Lisa Ellingsen, Shanna Hetherwick, and Lisa Podraza and their amazing co-chairs for planning a FANTASTIC parade and activity filled day for our students to learn about different cultures; and to all the parent volunteers who came out and made the day possible;

To Ms. Kolde for putting together our inaugural Veteran’s Day Choir Performance that was a huge success and a fantastic way to honor the heroes in our community, and special thanks to Annamaria Davidson for helping pull it all together;

To Angie McBeth and Jennifer Sander for coordinating the belt & shoe drive, Box Tops and the Angel Tree for Thornwood Elementary;

To Elizabeth Schwieder and Jill Melancon for your dedication to the Spelling Bee;

To Kingsley Andrews, Kerri Kenne, Margaret Murphy and Kristen Parks for coordinating a fun and educational Colonial Day for our 5thgraders and to all the Colonial Day event chairs and the many volunteer who made Colonial Day such a huge success;

To Jenny Selzer for your work on this year’s Reflection submission;

To the fabulous Teacher Appreciation chairs Lauren Hufford and Morgan Scholl and their amazing committeewho coordinate the monthly teacher lunches;

To Rebecca Howard for assisting Health Fitness with Jump Rope for Heart;

To Kristi Smith, Webmaster, and Melissa Crain, E-blast Chair, for keeping our website up to date and informed with our weekly emails.

To Katie Mattingly, our Corresponding Secretary, for spreading sunshine around our BHE community and taking good care of our families through correspondence and kind gestures;

To Cliff Kuykendall for keeping all of us informed by updating the Marquees each week;

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season!

Kelly Wolf

PTA President