Jump Rope for Heart

Hello Bunker Hill Parents/Guardians,

Yesterday, the American Heart Association (AHA) was on our campus kicking-off their brand new program “Kids Heart Challenge.” Your child will be learning about their heart, jumping rope and playing basketball while learning the importance of helping others! The following is how you can help your child be a #HEARTHERO and help us fight heart disease!

To participate simply follow these instructions:

  1. Download the FREE Kids Heart Challenge APP and/or visit heart.org/kidsheartchallenge
  2. Once there, register your child under the Bunker Hill Elementary page and take any online heart health challenge.
  3. Make a personal donation and/or send emails to collect donations. You can also post to your social media pages to raise money and awareness for the AHA. This is so easy, everything is done online only; no door-to-door solicitations.

Daily Updates:

Each week, you will receive an update from the AHA about how our students are doing, which grades and classes are in the lead and how close we are to reaching our goal of $15,000 dollars.


When we reach our $15,000 dollars goal Principal Dana Johnson and Asst. Principal Rachelle De La Cruz have agreed to dress up in SUMO OUTFITS and complete the Bunker Hill Fitness Course ending in a Slip and Slide Fudge SUNDAE!!! Coach Lassiter and Coach Laurel have agreed to play egg roulette IF we can get 200 Bunker Hill Students to register online and take a Health Challenge.

To show our appreciation for your support, your child can earn the following:

  • A FREE Glow in the Dark Wristband just for taking the online heart health challenge.
  • Fun Heart Hero THANK YOU Gifts – visit the Kids Heart Challenge APP to see the Heroes come to life (Wristband, Echo, Finn, Ruby, Fiery, Oscar, Splash, Sprinkles).
  • Raise $50 and students will receive: A Buy One, Get One ½ off voucher to a Houston Rockets Game which includes a Free Rockets T- Shirt and a Free-Throw shot at the end of the game. Students will also earn a Buy One, Get Dynamo voucher and Buy One, Get One voucher to NASA Space Center. Vouchers will be emailed directly to you.  

Our Kids Heart Challenge Money Due date is Dec. 7th.

Celebration Day is: Dec. 21st

For more information, click here.