October Thank You’s

thank you

It takes a village to keep a PTA running, we have an amazing village at BHE!  Thank you to everyone who helped out this month!

To our brave interpreters during Back to School nights, for making BHE feel like home in many different languages!! And to Beth Gentner for leading the charge to utilize the district’s interpretive equipment and spearhead an atmosphere of inclusivity:

ありがとうございますto Keiko Tanaka as the Japanese interpreter

Muchas gracias to both Karina Rossi and Lizy Santiago as Spanish interpreters

感谢! to Guan Chen, Jenny Li, and Li Wang as Mandarin interpreters

고마워요to Stella Kim as a Korean interpreter

To the Book Fair chairs: Jenny Dillard, Lauren Hufford, Kara Mueck, Shannon Strickler, and Karen Teegarden for planning an amazing event; the kick-off party was a fun-filled evening and Special Friends Day was a memorable day;

To Tammy Holley for her efforts in making Book Fair so special and the library such a wonderful environment for our children; and to ALL the many dedicated volunteers that worked throughout the week;

To Kristen Parks and Michelle Rigo for staying on top of our finances and preparing the operating budget for the 2018-2019 school year;

To Emily Paulson for chairing the PTA membership drive in which approximately 375 members joined, including 100% participation by our dedicated teachers and staff;

To the Campus Improvement Committee: Anne Sellis-Chair, Dana Johnson, Kristen Parks, Emily Paulson, Olivia Porter, Michelle Rigo, Kathryn Roark, and Taunya Rother for working diligently to present the many CIC recommendations;

To Melanie Bash and Emily Paulson for working tirelessly to create an awesome school directory;

And to Lisa Ellingsen for keeping us informed on all things at the district and state level.

Kelly Wolf

PTA President