SBISD requirements for medications in clinic

If your child has a medical alert that requires emergency medication:
1. asthma
2. diabetes
3. environmental allergy that causes hives/anaphylaxis
4. food allergy that causes anaphylaxis
5. seizures

Please go to my website and download the necessary paperwork. New paperwork is required every year. As your child grows, the medication dosages will change too.

1. PARENTS must bring the necessary forms signed by the doctor and medication
MUST be in its original container. (SBISD policy)
2. Only if the original container is no longer available, A new pharmacy label must be
attached to the medication itself. Your pharmacy can print you a new label if needed.
3. Medicines are kept in the clinic and travel with your child while they are on field trips.
4. Be prepared to keep your child’s emergency medicine at school.

Completing these steps will provide a safety net for your child while they are at school or off campus on a field trip.


Celia Douthit