2018 – 2019 Back to School Dates

8/14: New Parent Orientation – 5:30 p.m.

8/15: New Student Tours – 8:30 a.m. and Meet the Teacher – 9 a.m.

8/16: First Day of School

8/22: 5th Grade Luncheon – 11 a.m.

8/23: 4th Grade Luncheon – 11 a.m.

8/24: 3rd Grade Luncheon – 11 a.m.

8/27: 2nd Grade Luncheon – 11 a.m.

8/28: 1st Grade Luncheon – 11 a.m.

8/29: Kindergarten Luncheon – 11 a.m.

Back to school Nights

   9/11: 4th and 5th Grade – 5:30 p.m.

   9/12: 2nd and 3rd Grade – 5:30 p.m.

   9/13: Kinder and 1st Grade – 5:30 p.m.

Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

Hi Parents-

10 days of school left and I’m already gearing up for August!!
If your child has a medical alert that requires emergency medication:
1. asthma
2. diabetes
3. environmental allergy that causes hives/anaphylaxis
4. food allergy that causes anaphylaxis
5. seizures

Please go to my website and download the necessary paperwork. New paperwork is required every year. You will notice as your child is grows, the medication dosages will change too.
1. PARENTS must bring the necessary forms signed by the doctor and medication
MUST be in its original container. (SBISD policy) Start this process in the summer.
2. Bring forms/medicine to the clinic in August.
3. Medicine is kept in the clinic and travels with the child while they are on field trips.
4. Be prepared to keep your child’s emergency medicine at school.
Completing these steps will provide a safety net for your child while they are at school.

It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Transportation Protocol


Students may NOT be dropped off at school earlier than 7:30. Exceptions are tutoring that is arranged with a teacher or events like Books & Breakfast. All morning drop offs will need to be done at the carpool gates. The front of the building WILL NOT be open.  The front parking lot is closed from 7:45 to 8:05 to allow walkers/bike riders to arrive safely. Our day begins at 7:55 so please have your child at school by this time. They are tardy at 8:05.

CHANGE OF TRANSPORTATION ON DAY OF CHANGE…please click HERE to read the entire article and to download the Student Dismissal Form.

Join SPRING BRANCH SPEAKS… to make our voices heard in Austin

spring branch speaks

As parents, residents, and community members we value our schools and will speak up for our students, our campuses, and our district. At our last PTA meeting we heard Board of Trustees President Karen Peck and Trustee Josef Klam talk about school finance and how our district’s finances have been negatively impacted by the state recapture (Robin Hood) system. As the legislative session progresses, Spring Branch Speaks will be tracking important bills that will have an impact on Spring Branch ISD.

If you want to Stay Informed and Act, please join our email list for up-to-date information on pertinent legislative issues and how your voice can be heard. You can get on the list at http://www.springbranchspeaks.com or follow Spring Branch Speaks on Facebook and Twitter (@SBSpeaks). You can also text SBISD to 22828.

Thank you for helping us be heard in Austin !

Attention Amazon Shoppers

s7-j0saEDid you know your everyday Amazon purchases could help BHE PTA? The Amazon Smile program donates a percentage of qualifying purchases to our organization. All you need to do is start using smile.amazon.com when shopping instead of your normal Amazon bookmark. Select “PTA Texas Congress 4696 Bunker Hill Elementry PTA” as the organization that you are supporting. All of you normal Prime membership privileges still are in place. You just need to always you go the Amazon Smile site to shop.

Take Note…

checkbook2The bank used by PTA insists that all checks must be written to BUNKER HILL PTA. Please make sure to make your checks out accordingly in the future.

Any returned checks will be returned back to the corresponding committee head to be edited or rewritten.

SBISD App & Urgent Text Alerts

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